[abc80] Super Smartaid Cartridge

Mikkel Christensen mikkel at mikjaer.com
Sön Apr 21 06:49:57 PDT 2019

Hi Peter

Thanks for your response, and sorry about the late reply, easter and "life
in general" got in the way :-)

> As an aside, that keyboard might very well have been
> working when the seller sent it. 100% of the Keytronics keyboards of
> that generation is deteriorated to the point where they might work
> when you take them down from the attic, but the foam doesn't really
> stand up to transport.

I know that, they keyboard worked in the begining - and i've tested it
before i bought it, so it detoriated due to me using it. I don't blame the
seller in any way :-)

> They are inductive.
Yea that is what ive read to, but i did some testing, and the pads
themselves are conductive and the board reacts when i connect the pads
with my probes, both things that i would not expect from an inductive
keyboard, that weirded me out a bit :)

> For a leaking battery damage that looks pretty good. Here's hoping
> there's no hidden damage!

I cleaned it out very good, i had it soaking in vingear for a couple of
days, then i rinsed it of with destilled water og blew of the destilled
what with compressed air, replaced the battery, changed some resisters
that looked really damaged and changed some of the mostly damaged solder.

I also checked continuity on the damaged areas and found no flaws, but it
changed nothing, so im afraid that the ROMS have taken some kind of

> Let's see what we can do. You probably know step 0: Put some black
> electricians tape over those EPROM windows before they die from
> exposure.
My workshop is in the basement with no windows, so theres no uv light
inthere, and shortly after shooting the video i covered the roms with
black tape. So check! :-)

> it would be
> great if you could dump them so we can get them emulated and saved for
> the future.
I've never tried dumping or burning roms myself before, can you direct me
to a guide that will introduce me to what hardware to purchase and how to
get started?
		> you can find the manual here:
Thank you very much :-) Didn't manage to find it by myself :)

> you can find the manual here:
Thank you, reading is manageable, especially when i have Google Translate
ready in another window :P

> the manual describes situations where the settings RAM
> can get corrupted and make the machine unusable. It has the reset
> procedure to fix that described under "RESERVUTGÅNG".
Interesting, as far as i understand, the procedure is as follows:

1: Disconnect the smartaid
2: Power up the ABC80
3: Reconnect the smartaid, while the power is on
4: Run the poke-command
5: And recycle the power

Is this correctly understood?

Thanks for your help so far.

/ Mike

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