[abc80] Super Smartaid Cartridge

Mikkel Christensen mikkel at mikjaer.com
Ons Apr 3 05:44:30 PDT 2019

Hi there

My name is Mike, i run this small YouTube channel where i restore old
computers, and currently im workin on an ABC 80!

Mine has this "Super Smartaid" catridge which is giving some problem,
se the next 10 seconds of this video for the symptoms:


I have taken it apart and discovered a leaked battery, which i plan to
replace and to clean the board this next weekend.

But i also tried to look around for schematics, rom images or
information about the circuit in case my beforementioned attempt does
not work. But it looks like the silkscreen has been sanded of the
integrated circuits, and i have had no luck whatsoever finding anything
about this cartdrige.

Can any of you lend me a hand?

And by the way, i hope it is okay that i write in English, my Swedish
is not that good, but if you respond to me in Swedish i will do my best
to understand. Im from Denmark by the way :-)

Mikkel Mikjśr Christensen

Hovednummer: +45 4440 1337
Direkte Nummer: +45 4128 2808

Mikjaer Consulting SMBA
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