[abc80] abc80sim-3.0-rc3

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fre Sep 21 14:55:19 PDT 2018

On 9/21/18 5:33 AM, Fredrik Axtelius wrote:
> Im getting similar errors in OSX High Sierra.
>> + autoheader -B autoconf
>> autoheader: cannot rename /tmp/ah83z3gw/config.hin as
>> config/config.h.in: No such file or directory
>> This in Fedora 28, FWIW.
>> Am I missing a step, is something broken on my system, or?

My mistake... the config directory doesn't necessarily exist before autogen.sh
runs, so I needed to add it to the mkdir line in that script.  Fixed.

It only affected a clean git checkout, so I hadn't stumbled onto it yet.


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