[abc80] abc80sim-3.0-rc3

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tors Sep 20 01:28:27 PDT 2018

I think unless something really major comes up (presumably with portability; I
haven't even had a chance to compile for Mac yet, never mind testing), this
will hopefully be it for abc80sim 3.0:


Prebuilt Windows binary at:


(hopefully it contains all non-system DLLs this time.)

Usage: abc80 [options] [ihex_files...]
Simulate a microcomputer from the Luxor ABC series.

      --abc80          simulate an ABC80 (default)
      --abc802         simulate an ABC802
  -4, --40             start in 40-column mode
  -8, --80             start in 80-column mode
  -b, --no-basic       no BASIC ROM (uninitialized RAM instead)
  -B, --basic          reverts the --no-basic option
  -d, --no-device      no device driver ROMs
  -D, --device         reverts the --no-device option
      --old-basic      ABC80 only: run BASIC 1.0 (checksum 11273)
      --11273          same as --old-basic
      --new-basic      ABC80 only: run BASIC 1.2 (checksum 9913)
      --9913           same as --new-basic
  -t, --trace ...      trace various events (see "--trace help")
  -T, --tracefile ...  redirect trace output to a file
  -v, --version        print the version string
  -h, --help           print this help message
  -k, --kb #           set the memory size in K (ABC80: 1-32 or 64)
      --diskdir ...    set directory for disk images (default abcdisk)
      --filedir ...    set directory for file sharing (default abcdir)
      --scrndir ...    set directory for screen shots (default .)
      --dumpdir ...    set directory for memory dumps (default .)
      --printcmd ...   set command to launch a print job (* = filename)
      --memfile ...    load a file into the ABC802 MEM: device

The simulator supports the following hotkeys:
  Alt-q                quit the simulator
  Alt-s                take a screenshot
  Alt-r                CPU reset
  Alt-n                send NMI
  Alt-m                dump memory as currently seen from the CPU
  Alt-u                dump underlying RAM only (even nonexistent)

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