[abc80] abc80sim-3.0-rc1 -- can now also emulate ABC802

Fabrizio Caruso fabrizio_caruso at hotmail.com
Ons Sep 19 01:18:04 PDT 2018

Thanks a lot for your hard work!

What is the simplest way to load an ABC800 program into your emulator?
We start with a raw binary, which we can convert into a hex binary (.ihx).
Should we convert the raw binary into a bas/abs/... ? and then disk? which disk format?

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On 9/18/18 10:06 PM, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> https://www.abc80.org/…/abc…/test/abc80sim-3.0-rc1-win64.zip

Sorry for the mangled URL, it is really supposed to be:


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