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Tis Okt 18 12:15:34 PDT 2011

Hi Peter!

Check out http://juhasz.se/abc80

There you will find some wav files - one very short recorded from my ABC80
and one which is generated from a program I wrote when I wanted to
transfer some stuff from my mac to the ABC80 (abccas.zip). There are also
some books (in swedish) and emulation attempts...

Interesting connection with Hungary by the way! As you maybe guessed from
my site, I have Hungarian ancestry (but unfortunately don't speak the
language...), and there is indeed at least one more Hungarian following
this list. Would be interesting to know a bit more about ABC80/BRG80 in 
Hungary. Apart from Sweden and maybe Finland, that must have been the
largest market! ;)

As a side note I know of at least two companies from the olden days that
are still in business: Cat AB in Sundbyberg that among others did the
CatNet (they do general comms and telemetry equipment these days and had
an ad in the latest "Ny Teknik"), and Nanco in Henån. The later company
wrote among other things "Bit för Bit med ABC800" and I came across them
when sourcing some ultra-high precsision motion sensors. The orignal team
is still there, and I was able to send some regards for a very well
written book to the authors. Not often that happens with 30-years old
computer stuff!

Best regards

Robert Juhasz

> Hi folks,
> I am new here. ABC 80 was the first computer I used in secondary school
> back
> in 1980's and I loved it. It was a successful and popular school computer
> in
> Hungary. Unfortunately, I threw away my cassettes with the programs
> becuase
> I thought I would never need them again. But I still here the music of
> them
> in my ears and I would like to attach it to my homepage.
> (http://64.hu/64/)
> So if anyone has a tape recorder cassette with an original ABC 80 BASIC
> program from the nice old times, and is willing to publish the *sound *of
> it
> as public domain or under some Creative Commons license, and can send me a
> sample in mp3 or ogg or wav or any audio format, I would be very happy and
> grateful. What I need is the first 20-30 seconds of a program or a whole
> short program.
> Here is the sound of a Commodore 64 cassette, but it is not as nice as ABC
> 80: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Datasette.ogg
> You might send me it in mail or upload it to Wikimedia Commons similarly
> for
> making other people happy, too.
> Péter from Budapest
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