[abc80] Winchester controller?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Mon Okt 6 23:11:08 PDT 2003

[Ojsan... skrev det här på engelska av ren vana.  Ursäktas :)]

OK... I realize this is probably too much to hope for, but does anyone 
happen to have a summary of the commands that an ABC-DOS Winchester 
controller needs to support?  I'm trying to make my FPGA-ABC80 talk to a 
CompactFlash card for storage, and there are pretty much two ways to do it:

a) Write my own DOS ROM from scratch, and use whatever connection is 
most convenient.  It's actually fairly trivial to connect a CompactFlash 
card to a Z80 (less than a screenful of Verilog), but CF uses 512-byte 
sectors, which mashes poorly with ABC-BASIC, and it wouldn't support 
things which call the DOS ROM directly.

b) Simulate a controller.  Since ABC used "smart" controllers with their 
own CPU, I'm of the impression that the interface was reasonably high 
level.  If so, it should be fairly easy to build an equivalent 
controller and use the UFD-DOS image I found on the net 
(http://www.devili.iki.fi/) -- assuming there is any kinds of 
information available.


P.S. Just nu är arkivet till den här listan stängt för icke-medlemmar, 
för spamskydd.  Skulle folk föredra att låta arkivet vara öppet?

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