[abc80] bin2* -> bin2abc

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Fre Sep 28 04:11:12 PDT 2018


I have ported all my abc executable conversion tools to C, and put them in the
abcdisk tree:


It is now a single tool called bin2abc, replacing bin2bac, bin2abs, and ithabs:

[hpa at carbon-x1 git]$ ./bin2abc --help
Usage: ./bin2abc [options...] inputfiles...
  -1, --bac80       generate a .bac file for ABC80
  -2, --bac800      generate a .bac file for ABC800
  -a, --abs         generate an .abs file
  -o, --output ...  send output to a file instead of stdout
  -r, --reloc ...   read a relocation file (.reloc from z80asm)
  -b, --binary      input files are binary
  -i, --ihex        input files are in Intel hex format
  -d, --driver      generate .bac files suitable for device drivers
  -D, --app         generate .bac files suitable for applications
  -s, --origin #    specify the load address for a binary file
  -e, --entry #     specify the entry point of the program
  -z, --bss #       pad the output with # bytes of zero
  -h, --help        show this help text

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