[abc80] abc80sim-3.0-rc1 -- can now also emulate ABC802

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Tis Sep 18 22:06:08 PDT 2018

I just put this on the Facebook group...


Now with ABC802 support, and the ABC80 model has been "upgraded" to
Mikrodatorn 64K.

Well, there it is. Any brave enough to try it out? Check it out from git, or I
have built a Windows binary for those so affected (I haven't *tested* it at
all, though...)



 I haven't ported the PR*: ROM to ABC800 yet, mostly because I'd like to
connect it to the real ABC800 serial port A (PR:), so that it could actually
be used (with abcprintd) on a physical ABC800 too, without even needing
special hardware other than a serial cable (USB is fine) with ABC pinout.

$ ./abc80 --help
Usage: ./abc80 [options] [ihex_files...]
Simulate a microcomputer from the Luxor ABC series.

      --abc80        simulate an ABC80 (default)
      --abc802       simulate an ABC802
  -4, --40           start in 40-column mode
  -8, --80           start in 80-column mode
  -b, --no-basic     no BASIC ROM (uninitialized RAM instead)
  -B, --basic        reverts the --no-basic option
  -d, --no-device    no device driver ROMs
  -D, --device       reverts the --no-device option
  -t, --trace ...    trace various events (see "--trace help")
  -v, --version      print the version string
  -h, --help         print this help message
      --diskdir      set directory for disk images (default abcdisk)
      --filedir      set directory for file sharing (default abcdir)
      --scrndir      set directory for screen shots (default null)

The simulator supports the following hotkeys:
  Alt-q              quit the simulator
  Alt-s              take a screenshot
  Alt-r              CPU reset
  Alt-n              send NMI

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