[abc80] Anyone with a working ABC802?

H. Peter Anvin hpa at zytor.com
Ons Sep 12 11:09:10 PDT 2018

On 09/12/18 05:48, Robert Juhasz wrote:
> Yes indeed, and with an Abc-bus connected! ;)
> interesting to know what you want to dump thst is not already covered by existing rom dimps etc....
> Robert

Could you please dump this as a .bac file:

2 WIDTH 40.
3 WIDTH 80

ABC-bladet seems to indicate that ABC806 uses a weird internal encoding
(a double escape) for "WIDTH" and "ATTRIBUTE", but it also says "ABC806
only". I know ABC802 has WIDTH, so I'm wondering what its encoding is.

Trying to improve the BASIC-II support for abc80sim.  At some point I'll
probably add the necessary I/O changes to simulate an ABC802 entirely.

I would love to find a circuit diagram and ROM dump from an ABC800C some
time, but since ABC802 was the main ABC800 I used "back in my day" it is
the most interesting to me - and of course it is pretty trivial to add
color or even HR-graphics to the 802 design.


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