[abc80] How to load .bac files into an ABC80/800 emulator?

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On September 9, 2018 12:22:13 AM PDT, Fabrizio Caruso <fabrizio_caruso at hotmail.com> wrote:
>Could you please give us your tool? Possibly with its source? Does it
>support ABC80 and ABC800?
>The goal is to have cross-platform code that takes a raw binary and
>creates usable/runnable images for the ABC80 and ABC800. We would like
>to integrate this into the Z88DK tool kit (free and open source devkit
>for 70 differemt z80-systems).
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>On September 8, 2018 11:36:42 AM PDT, Fabrizio Caruso
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>>Thanks Erik!
>>How can we create a dsk image for the ABC80 automatically? We can just
>>store .bac files manually into .dsk images.
>>It would be cool to have similar tools for the ABC800. We can compile
>>code for the ABC800 but we cannot
>>get it into an emulator or real computer in its raw binary format.
>> Fabrizio
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>>Objet : Re: [abc80] How to load .bac files into an ABC80/800 emulator?
>>On 09/07/18 00:22, Fabrizio Caruso wrote:
>>> Cool! Thanks Erik!
>>> It works! Unfortunately it is a Windows binary. We would like to
>>integrate it into the C compiler (for all operating systems).
>>> Can we get the source code?
>>I have some tools in C and Perl:
>>... and ...
>>... the latter includes bin2bac.pl, bin2abs.pl and bin2poke.pl. The
>>supports relocation. The source code for the assembly snippets that
>>whole thing are in bacldr.asm and bacldrr.asm.
>>ABC800 has a completely different .bac format, but it is actually a
>>simpler; it doesn't require post-load compaction of any kind. I
>>haven't had
>>time to write a tool for it, but I described it in an earlier post to
>>mailing list.
>> -hpa
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>I have a tool called abcdisk that can build an ABC-DOS (UFD-DOS,
>really) disk image.
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It's up on the site I pointed to, including the git repo with the source.
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