[abc80] ABC80ofThings update

Robert Juhasz juhasz at abc.se
Fre Mars 30 06:53:46 PDT 2018


Bara liten uppdatering om mitt ABC80ofThings-projekt. Det är nu nästan användbart! ;)

Jag har bytt plattform till ESP32. Lite features nedan saxat från README.md:

Kolla in projektet på https://github.com/robertjuhasz/ABC80ofThings <https://github.com/robertjuhasz/ABC80ofThings>


abc80em contains basic abc80 emulation for ESP32 chips through the Arduino environment.

I have used an old Z80 emulator by Marat Fayzullin and added very basic ABC80 support. Two roms are supported: Standard ABC80 and an extended mode dubbed "ABC81". Basic ABC832 disk access from files on an SD card is also simulated enabling use of UFD-DOS.

Switch emulation mode by out100,81 for "ABC81", out 100,80 for ABC80 and later out 100,102 for ABC802 emulation

ABC81 mode is really Basic II for ABC80 with UFDDOS + patched prompt
ABC81 ROM is also patched to bypass screen writes to video memory and instead write to serial. Useful for embedded applications
disk support by ABC832 emulation. Internal flash fits two disks...
ESP32 sleep can be invoked by out 99,sectosleep where sectosleep is the number of seconds to sleep before booting again
More ESP32 features to come! Maybe BLE....

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