[abc80] A new game for ABC80 and ABC800 computers

Fabrizio Caruso fabrizio_caruso at hotmail.com
Tors Aug 30 20:47:32 PDT 2018

Hi everyone!

I am the author of Cross Chase, which is a "universal" game written in C and compiled for all 8-bit computers/consoles/handhelds/pocket calculators including the Luxor ABC 80 and Luxor ABC 800.

You can follow my project at:
and get the binaries:
(currently the game as an input issue)

So far I can make versions for both these computers but I have no way to test the ABC 800 version because I don't know how to load the game... I can barely test the ABC 80 version but only with the ABC80SIM emulator because this emulator can read .ihx (sort of binary in hex format).

I can easily create a raw binary version. Are there tools to convert a raw binary (for example with start at address 49200) into something loadable by an emulator? Like a .wav or .dsk image?

Could someone here please help me?


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