Ladda binärfil till ABC800-emulator

Thomas Michanek thomas.michanek at
Tis Aug 28 13:30:21 PDT 2018

Jag postar detta för en annan person som inte pratar svenska.

Fabrizio Caruso gör spel för olika retrodatorer, bl.a. spelet Cross-Chase:

Han har nu postat följande frågor på en Facebook-sida om ABC80:
I have a technical question about the ABC 80 vs 800: were they compatible?
I can produce my game in .ihx format for the ABC80sim emulator.
For the ABC 800 I can produce my game in raw binary. How can I load it into an emulator and which emulator? Mame? How do I load a 
raw binary?

My problem is to understand how to load my program into an ABC800. I can create the binary. I need to understand how to inject it 
into memory.
Do you know of any emulator that allows to inject a binary into at given memory start location?

I need a scriptable command line solution because I build and test my game for 200 targets at the same time all the time. I cannot 
insert an image manually...

Om ni kan hjälpa, svara på engelska.

/Thomas Michanek 

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