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I have found the schematics to Luxors controller card "Styrkort 55
21046-11/21/41". This was used in ABC850/Tranfor DataStore and stand alone
with all floppy drives together with ABC80x. I also have ROM dumps for
this card.

I can put the schematics in the scanner if there is any intensest in it...


> It's the only controller I have schematics and ROMs for...
> I have a dump of the FD2 controller but no schematics.
> So the 80-column cards don't have a font ROM at all?
> Do they use an MC6845 or TTL logic for the display?
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> On 08/05/2012 09:17 AM, Curt Coder wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The Luxor computers should be fully operational in MESS except for the
>> exceptions listed below:
>> abc80
>> - cassette read
>> - floppy (slow controller requires Z80 RDY emulation which we don't have
>> yet)
> Any specific reason you insist on using the slow controller for ABC80?
> There were so many controllers and floppy disk solutions for ABC80 (there
> were at least three vendors - Scandia Metric's FD series, Luxor's ABC
> series, and Tranfor's Datadisc series, and of these Luxor's was probably
> the least popular for ABC80) that I don't think anyone cared about the
> exact timings.
>> I'm currently looking for the following to complete the emulation:
>> - dumps for ABC80 peripherals (80-column cards, BASIC V1, etc)
> BASIC v1 being the one that is generally known as "checksumma 11273" I
> believe.  The 80-column card changed only a handful of memory locations
> when invoked, unfortunately I only have the patch for checksum 9913 (BASIC
> v1.02).  Which exact patch depended on the exact 80-column card you used;
> there were at least three variants from I believe two different vendors,
> one (Gejo) which put the extra RAM at 7400h-77FFh (29696) -- early
> versions 7800h-7BFFh but that conflicted with the printer -- and one
> (MyAB's TKN80, probably the more popular) which put it at 5800h-5FFFh so
> that it would be contiguous (5C00h-5FFFh being a shadowed to 7C00h-7FFFh)
> but that caused problems with other peripherals...
> The only difference between the three models as far as the BASIC ROM is
> concerned is the address table at address 884 decimal (0374h) which
> contains the start address for each of the 24 lines.  The additional
> changes for checksum 9913 were:
>     Address        Value
>     ---------------------
>     0x01d8        0x50
>     0x0211        0x50
>     0x024e        0x50
>     0x026f        0x4f
>     0x02de        0x50
>     0x033c        0x50
>     0x22f2        0xa0
> My FPGA model mimics the later Gejo version (7400h).
>     -hpa
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