[abc80] abc80x emulation status in MESS

Curt Coder curtcoder at yahoo.com
Sön Aug 5 09:17:43 PDT 2012


The Luxor computers should be fully operational in MESS except for the
exceptions listed below:

- cassette read
- floppy (slow controller requires Z80 RDY emulation which we don't have yet)

- cassette read/write

- cassette read/write

- cassette read/write

- the graphics PROMs are not dumped (RAD, HRU1, V50)

- hard disk SASI bus card is not emulated properly due to lack of schematics
- virtual memory mapping does not work as described in preliminary service manual

- no ROMs have been dumped

I'm currently looking for the following to complete the emulation:

- ABC800C/M service manual
- dumps for ABC80 peripherals (80-column cards, BASIC V1, etc)
- dumps of the ABC806 graphics PROMs
- dumps of the ABC9000 computer ROMs
- information on the ABC1600 virtual memory mapping
- schematics for the ABC1600 SASI card (Luxor 4105), or maybe borrow
  the PCB so I can trace it out with a multimeter?

If anybody could help with these, det vore jättebra :-)

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